When you make the decision to learn to drive, it can feel like a daunting undertaking, but you should relax and enjoy the process, as in no time at all you’ll be off on your own with a new found independence. With almost 15 years of experience teaching people to learn to drive in Leicester, Awards can help you develop this highly useful life skill. Below we’ve listed some of the key things you’ll learn when learning to drive, so your first lesson doesn’t feel so scary!

Understanding the car

If you already understand the different components within the car needed to drive, you can tell your instructor on your first lesson. If you don’t know, your instructor will talk you through how the different parts of the car work, including the clutch, accelerator, brake, gears, handbrake, lights and indicators.

After you understand this you’ll practice starting the car, moving off and driving around and stopping. Don’t be worried if you don’t know any of this on your first lesson, lots of people don’t!

During your driving lessons, you’ll learn how to handle the vehicle, turn in the road, parallel and reverse park, reverse around a corner and emergency stop. Once your driving instructor and you both feel you’re ready to take your test, you’ll sit your theory test. Once that’s passed, you’ll then go on to sit your practical test with a qualified examiner in the car with you.

On average people take up to 40 hours to learn to drive, and it’s best to be 100% ready before you sit your test. Not only is it expensive to re-sit your test, it can affect your confidence and people re-sitting can often feel more nervous the second time around.

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